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about us

Signature Roofing began as a small roofing company with big ambitions. Even back then our company was based on the idea of being homeowners “one-stop shop” for roofing services and it wasn't long before we developed the signature quality of service that separates Signature Roofing from all other roofers on the market today.

As Signature grew we sought to expand the coverage area which we could service without losing any of the reliability, professionalism, and attentiveness that had made our customers happy in the first place. We soon found however, that there was only so far that our small company could stretch and so started building connections and affiliations with reputable, like-minded roofing companies all throughout the country.

Today the signature quality that helped make Signature Roofing what it is can be found in all 50 states through our ever-growing roofing contractor network. While this means that our original crew may not perform your particular roofing inspection, repair, painting, sealing, or replacement, you can be sure that those who do have the same dedication to hard work, attentiveness, and versatility that made our customers happy from day one.

If you’re ready to improve your home’s roof then call us here at Signature and reserve a free at-home estimate with the Signature Roofing contractors right in your neighborhood.